a grouse with completely feathered feet


We really wished we could have gone to the Nebulas. Gar! Instead, Kristin was working on her office changing, um, offices, and I watched a lot of snow fall on Sunday. That was fun.

Speaking of my wife, some of you might remember that has had a blog. It seems that extremely recently someone has hacked into her blog and made a post and what's more, purports to actually be Kristin. I urge you to visit the site and ascertain the truth for yourself post-haste. The possibility that Kristin herself has actually posted of her own volition is too shocking to contemplate. (ps tomorrow is her birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(There's a helicopter flying 'round the circumference of downtown, and from my little vantage point on the 29th floor, it looks like it has "Channel 3" emblazoned on the side. Last time I checked, the Twin Cities doesn't have a channel 3?! So either the chopper was too far away or it's a chopper from a PARALLEL UNIVERSE.)

In more reality-based news, a symposium on speculative poetry (part 1) is just up on Strange Horizons, with Mike Allen, Dora Goss, and me.

Finally, Red Giant will be out by Memorial Day weekend. This I vow.


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