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Growing up Catholic, devoutly, going to 12 years of Catholic school and still remaining semi-devout for 4 years after that, all I have to say about the selection of this new pope is that--I'm glad I got out while I did.


At 4/21/2005 10:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't the pope used to be elected by more people. I read that somewhere.

I am still wondering why the bible is so long and if I have to read it all to be "saved". If I don't, then I'll sell it and give the money to the poor.

As the whole bullshit duality works vs. hot air (words) debate, how about this: "The whole of the belief is realized in its practice."

I like the idea that religion is to be lived and to be in every aspect of one's life. I also think that there is only one reason for a religion in practice, study, or belief: happiness.

I, too, was raised in a religion that trafficked in guilt as its main motivator, and am only now getting rid of the last vestiges of mental illness that resulted b/c of such a fucked up belief system. I won't call it medeivil b/c I don't think that old things are bad necessarily. There are better ideas that guilty popes that come from long before Christ.



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