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I have a question to ask. More of a challenge. Has there been any movie with Judge Reinhold in it that has NOT had an "Eighties Montage"? You know what I'm talking about--the Bette Midler workout montage in Ruthless People, car-washing montage in Fast Times. Crappy 80s music, while not a requirement, is often present. The "Beverly Hills Cop" trilogy ALL have to have Eighties Montages, right??? Even #3 or did the montage die out as an art form by 1994? Please help me.

Btw, South Park has a great "Montage" song.


At 3/06/2005 09:57:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just saw "The Men" last weekend, and they had a montage of Marlon Brando as a parapalegic working out two times. It was great. It did seem redundant the last time eventhough he was there, alone, without the wonderful Angel there.

Anyway, I used to hate montages because they used to make something that is hard in real life to be too easy. I hated that. Now I just roll wit it.


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