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Another must read screed from Daily Kos today:

"The Democratic Party and the left cannot effectively bash by using counter-culture, but instead by proving, that, in fact, the Republicans are the anti-culture."


At 2/22/2005 06:50:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bashing is the process of identifying your enemies with ideas, or groups, that mainstream Americans are repelled by."

This was the best line, I thought. I learned something which is happening less and less often as I age.

"And to keep the oil coming we had to borrow back the money we paid for the oil with."

This is where he lost me, however, I don't agree with this.

1. There are other viable energy sources right now. Though Americans are car dependent, it is b/c of status, and the cheapness of oil that it is so. There is no fundamentatal need for oil.

2. Wars of aggression against oil rich nations do not create more aggregate oil in the world. Due to the fighting, the total world oil supply is reduced and wasted. The war in Iraq is NOT a war for oil. It is a war for oil PROFITS for American oil companies.

We could have bought oil from Iraq before the war as other nations did. However, we would not see the profits.

3. We have ample oil reserves right now. There are alternatives to oil burning cars, but oil is just too cheap for them to be viable. However, this will change with rising oil prices and reduced earnings.

4. I don't know enough about the Constitution nor the rest of the other article to know if we are in a "crisis". The constitution no longer matters when US polititions don't think that it matters. They have been ignoring it for a very long time.

Read the first Amendment very carefully and look for the part where it says "except yelling fire in crowded movie theaters." It's not there. However, what is there is "no law".

Also, anyone who has debated knows the the meaning and power is in the interpretation not in the "intent" nor "meaning" of a document. So it doesn't matter what I think that the constitution says, it's up to judgest to figure that out and to tell me what it says. I have no say. I never did. Thus for me nothing has changed. No crisis for me.

There will always be good leaders and bad ones. The leaders can't live without us, we can live without them. Us peasants will endure long after they are dust.


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