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(J. J. Gibson) “To perceive the world is to coperceive oneself
....The optical information to specify the self ...accompanies the optical
information to specify the environment ...The supposedly separate realms
of the subjective and the objective are actually only poles of attention.”

and, many, many centuries before:

(Tien Tai) "The wisdom of all kinds is called the real knowledge
* The eye of enlightenment (Buddha) is called the real vision
* The wisdom of the various different paths is called the provisional knowledge.
* The eye of spirituality (Dharma) is called the provisional vision..."

"Hear the Buddha's soft and gentle sound. It is deep, far reaching and very subtle. It is based on both the beginning and end of the word. [my emphasis] I recognize that this is the real wisdom."

The key is discerning "the wisdom of all kinds" from "the wisdom of the various different paths". Somewhere in between the two is the time that we perceive. Our lives are inflections of both the real and the provisional. Duration measured (or, more properly, sensed) by the beginnings and ends of words. I think the deadening of time that Nick blogs poignantly about, forced upon by static/statist powers, involves configuring people's lives so they don't begin words in the first place.

More tomorrow.


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