a grouse with completely feathered feet


From the Ptarmigan classic files (2 years ago!), a little post about our finding of a Halloween turkey.

Doing my best to concentrate on the election of Kerry, and to steer clear of the sanctimony of places like this, which was once one of my favorite online homes. Now it's self-righteousness this, I-know-better that. It's the usual m.o. of the Annoying Left. God love them, confusing the political for the individual at every conceivable opportunity! The usual "point the finger with one hand and pat oneself on the back with the other" routine. Mistaking consensual aggrendation of political interests and compromise for a game of "spot the sellout"--which I think was exhausted with Pearl Jam in 1995 or something. Which itself has been honed for the last 15 years, aggressively, by the very marketing juggernauts one would seek to overthrow. But keep sneering at your lessors! Keep at it. It allows one to continue the same passive-aggressive relationships to division itself. Where devisiveness itself becomes a political commodity that the Republicans rely on as a kind of baseline. My center-left leanings, god knows, are often inarticulate, clumsy, tied to geography and demography. And perhaps my positions are mushy, unmemorable. But I try, at least, to try to understand when and how my positions and discourse are forged in the here-and-now and when they're just subconscious anxieties that have almost nothing to do with politics, bubbling up into a costume, a knee jerking, a theatre in the round. But no one's listening to the latter, not really--and it's better that way.


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