a grouse with completely feathered feet


Just got back from Erie. A wonderful time with family, Kristin, Mr. Barzak, gulls, pets, unfused sand. Haven't been a good blogger anyway, but I thought I'd pass on this fascinating essay on State, Cosmos, and Body:

"The early Chinese body was composed mainly of vaguely defined bones and flesh traversed by circulation tracts...

Through these tracts vital fluids (not necessarily liquid) circulate between the limbs, the head, and an ensemble of systems in the center of the body that controls metabolic and other spontaneous vital processes. It would be more exact to call them ensembles of functions rather than systems. Most but not all of the circulation tracts were associated with and named after vaguely described viscera. Exactly what their physical correlates are or precisely where they are located did not mandate diligent exploration. As discussed in medical doctrine, they are not so much anatomical features as offices in the central bureaucracy of the body."


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