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Extreme--and abject--apologies to Matt. He created a great mumpsimus cultural concurrence index and as a service to my readers I thought I'd do the same! But I was really only able to come up with 28 questions that got at the "heart" of what I consider cultural literacy. I came up with like 80 or 90 other questions but had to discard them, since we're all about scientific science here. And I'm too tired to write out the directions. But choose one from each number that you have the most AFFINITY with, what hits you most in the GUT that says yes, that's mostly me.

1. Picture Pages or the White Stripes
2. Burger King or Planet of the Apes
3. tennis or vicks vaporub
4. waste or utility
5. narwhal or trebuchet
6. Southern Illinois University Press or Idaho
7. carwash or fish market
8. Corey Feldman or The Iliad
9. John Keats or Steak n' Shake
10. Wilt Chamberlain or a basketball
11. an escalator or chapstick
12. EZ-bake oven or Newsweek
13. Chris Evert or Commodore Vic-20
14. class warfare or Red Wing pottery
15. Swiffer or the Clapper
16. tax relief or Billy Collins
17. Emily Bronte or your mother
18. leg splint or birch sapling
19. Centralia, Pennsylvania or I'm OK, You're OK
20. Electric Light Orchestra or the extinction of the passenger pigeon
21. agoraphobia or kleptomania
22. alchemy or Arby's
23. invention of the zero or Princess Anastasia
24. President James Garfield or catfish
25. ant pheremones or Dude, Where's My Car?
26. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Collectible Chicken Bucket or the PATRIOT Act
27. a pneumatic tube or Power Man and Iron Fist
28. Rick Astley or Gleek

Scoring: Still working that out.


At 7/31/2004 07:07:00 AM, Blogger gwenda said...

So best. I am still laughing.

At 8/02/2004 12:24:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alan, you rock.



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