a grouse with completely feathered feet


An Adhesive Animal

Inside the moon
hide the owls
that cannot be contemplated
without looking at the moon
The troubled palace arranges its flows
underneath sight
when grottos turn their eyes away
I make a big deal about antarctic trust
The templates cascade into the equitable
wyoming in everyone
The vibrating tennis bracelet in everyone
Locate it during periods of imitation
and squalor
In the hidden convenience store
the mendacities scheme
They toughen the subwoofer
behind the second
A valley sends thousands of talismans
into battle for proper tutelage
However no livings are milked
without interior stagediving
and vast sleeps
The syncretics fly
The apetures
like their wounds
which gives permission
to the lamps
to grow problematic
The compact empties into a complete
reality on Saturday
and pure conversation on Monday
with the hope
that gaps
will ward off adventures
Dust is the pivot
The pivot needs salt
Projections in the attic sink down
letting the unfinished basement rise
through the goldenrod
And yet who knows anything
Who confines the instant message
in ordinary talons
I have to give up on
giving up
Torn from its throat
my journey
hasn't gone anywhere
It holes up in an inn
perforated by unity
The yellow arts
wash their feet in the courtyard
as snow falls
from an echo in the moon


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