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Back from a very long and very fun Wiscon. We left Wednesday morning and got back pretty late Memorial Day night. We're exhausted, but all in good ways. Maybe the best year for the best con ever. Kristin helped with packet stuffing, and it was eye-opening to see just how much work the ConCom and other volunteers do behind the scenes. They're amazing. So if you get teh chance, volunteer yourself next year if you go, even if for a few hours.

Our chapbook release party went swimmingly; it was great to cohost with the Flytrap dynamic duo. Many thanks to all who helped out with set up, clean up, and in-party logistics, including Lena, Elad, Dave and Rachael, Karen, and...crikey, lots of other people that my brain is too addled to remember. Best karaoke moment? Was it Jim Munroe singing Destiny's Child? Ben Rosenbaum's "I Will Survive"? Haddayr's "Fist City"? Kevin's "Paperback Writer"? Too close to call.

Ultimately, beside from the fun and hanging out with my closest friends in the world, the con always gives me something to think about in terms of what it means to be a writer, particularly in the realm of speculative/fantastic fiction and progressive social causes. This one was no different. Eleanor Arnason's Guest of Honor acceptance speech was a galvanizing moment, a wake-up call, one that (I hope) will reverberate throughout the science fiction community. I hope to talk more about it in this blog in the ensuing days, while I try to mull over a tangled set of political and aesthetic questions.

Btw, a very threadbare ordering page to the new Rabid Transit chapbook, Petting Zoo, is now available. They are truly some amazing fictions. If you haven't read any of the chapbooks in the Rabid Transit series, you can get all three, one of each, for $14, with free shipping. Holy shit that's 15 stories! And every one of them truly rocks and rules.


At 6/03/2004 04:40:00 PM, Blogger Dave said...

Hey Alan: I wonder if you'd seen these articles from City Pages in March/April of 2003. Excellent articles, which I was thinking about while Eleanor spoke.


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