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Red Giant

Chris and Gwenda have been great editors to work with on Say.... They've given me free rein to publish more traditional poems alongside some very, very strange poems. That freedom has really piqued my interest in something that is under the surface between why I love speculative fiction and non-mainstream poetry. A grand unified theory? Well, probably not. But. The conversations a bunch of us had on the Nightshade board about poetry, as well as what magazines like Sidereality has done intrepidly in exploring the linkages between "speculative literature" and experimental poetry, have also been illuminating and made me want to take a shot at a longer project (though not necessarily a full-blown magazine).


Call for Submissions: Red Giant

Red Giant will be a one-shot chapbook, a mini-anthology, of speculative poetry and poetry informed by science fiction, with an emphasis on work from experimental and innovative practices. It will be published by the Press of the Taverner in November 2004. ...cont. here
What "experimental and innovative practices" are, of course, is an open question, so hopefully it will be clear that I'm taking a big tent approach to this. I think that's the only way you can. But perhaps you could boil it down to: "less 'What if?' and more 'What the hell?!?'"


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