a grouse with completely feathered feet


My precinct caucus was led by a high school senior. Very disorganized but worked out perfectly fine. I need to get to bed.

A little bit of inside baseball to the poetic blogosphere. The people who whine about blogs on the Poetics list are some funny folks. (To those non-poets out there in the audience, this in itself might be instructive as regards to the hermetic heraldics in some in the poetry community). It's not the shouting and useless arguments that drives me bat shit crazy (as it does Tim, although the shouting isn't exactly pleasurable)--it's the continual backchannel requests, the ziploc-sealed clubbiness right on display. It's public show-ponying in many cases, I imagine, that you just need to contact famous poet xyz, but in private, over a matter of no small importance. (Hint: Google, Yahoo people search, and university directories do wonders!)

Right, but that's all about the "public square."

As opposed to links. (Like this one, to Nick's response on the whole non-issue.)

On another note, considering changing the novellette I wrote into a blank verse epic poem. Ok, really really need to go to bed.


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