a grouse with completely feathered feet


"Ken Irby, who I saw last weekend, remarked how Robert Duncan read everything from the most obtuse metaphysics to the trashiest novels. So it seems a theory of language, which somehow, when you break it down, leaves the self exposed in that process of perception and transmission, runs into problems the social can't always deal with, nor should it. At the same time, just because you?ve thought about language and realize all this transcendent stuff, it doesn?t give you the right (or ability) to step out of this world of grease and pop stars. The one thing though that never seems to go away, for me, is that thin divide between what we know and don't." (Dale Smith, in interview with Alan Gilbert, interview on Possum Pouch)

"Unkingd by affection? One exchanges the empire of ones desire for the anarchy of pleasures. But pleasures themselves one finds are not domesticated. And the troubles of the soul cast jewel-like reflections upon the daily surfaces. One has moved only to a world where the devoted household commonplaces cast shadows that are empires..." (Robert Duncan)

"Surrender, but don't give yourself away." (Cheap Trick)


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