a grouse with completely feathered feet


I've finally broken down and joined the cool kids and have a Quicktopic for Ptarmigan. The Klink Family commenting for Ptarmigan 1.0 was, er, interesting to say the least (including frequent, not unkind, posts from Nala Del Blanca, my inverse self, which I swear I had nothing to do with). After awhile it started getting weird (bad weird) and I shut it down. But, Quicktopic is easier to manage, I think, and why not. Why not. Considering that 70% of my hits come from people googling the word "ptarmigan" (for which this blog is, crazily, #1), I really don't know what will fall out of the woodwork.

The Lisa Jarnot reading on Sunday night was great. Speedboat Books is a much needed venue in St. Paul, a superb space. If you haven't picked up Black Dog Songs, her latest book, do so. I'm not being incredibly cogent but it's still early.


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