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Why Delve into Chess?

Chessbase notes:

Arnold Schwarzenegger loves passing time on film sets playing chess – and he takes the game very seriously. Co-star Nick Stahl reveals that Arnie set up a chess playing haven in his trailer during the shoot of the sci-fi sequel – but he was too intimidated to take on Schwarzenegger at the intellectual game. "Arnold is a huge chess player. I was too freaked out to play with him, but I was in his trailer and he has two chairs around his chess table, one of which says 'Winner' and one of which says 'Loser'. And anyone who comes in has to sit in the 'Loser' chair. He takes it quite seriously."

"You want to win or lose?" he (Arnold) says. "You only have two options, so I'd rather win."

Fertile territory to explore how many "prime movers" of the populace, without any conception of Gray, operate and machinate. You're either an alpha or you're "mated."


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