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Don't get me wrong--some Deaniacs are some of the most annoying, self-righteous people on God's green earth.

As one Dean supporter writing a comment on the Daily Kos notes:

Dean has lost several endorsements and supporters. i find these people the lowest form of scum on the planet.

Not Republicans. Not Klansmen. Democrats deciding to, you know, democratically support another candidate because of a Dean tank job are the lowest scum on the planet. Alrightey.

Even much of the constructive criticism that the more level headed Dean supporters give gets sneered at by the Kool Aid Kids. It's pretty sad, actually--and it's not even Dean, per se, but the more, er, ardent of his supporters (a minority, but a SIZEABLE minority) who are all too happy to point the finger with one hand and pat themselves on the back with the other.

Showdown at the Kool Aid Corral!

Also, there's a fine line between "You have the power" and "Everyone hates you!"

And a final memo: "Perfect Stormers" is motherfucking creepy.

My friends (and I mean that figuratively and literally), I think Dean, the man, is a pretty viable candidate. But his campaign infrastructure has been built on hagiographical fundraising, the ephemera of Internet trolling disguised as "activism," and a sense of hermetics as a strength, not a weakness. The internet, for all of its talk as an open system, actually behaves like a closed system for all intents and purposes. Linking and bookmarking closes the system incrementally. Friendstering for Dean will only bring in people who think like you.

Which is all well and good, but it doesn't win Ohio.


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