a grouse with completely feathered feet


Boy, do I love this poem. Good times, kids, good times.

And also on science fiction pulps, an interview with Bruce Sterling via Bookslut):
reason: Blogging seems to have taken a place in the culture that used to be occupied by fanzines, and maybe by the science fiction magazines.

Sterling: It had its apotheosis in people like Cory Doctorow [author of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom] and other writers who really aren’t that interested in the old paper world. Cory actually publishes stuff electronically, and blogging is his Weird Tales. He is of a generation sufficiently divorced from the old pulps that he’s the dolphin among mesosaurs here. [those dolphins! but not like those smarmy fuckers in the David Brin novels! --Ptar.]

reason: It seems strange to go to the newsstand and see the lone science fiction magazine.

Sterling: It’s been anachronistic since World War II. These are the last surviving pulps. I love them dearly.

There’s nothing holy about them. Like all forms of media, they are very dependent on their technological circumstances. The transformation comes when the people who understood what it was like die.

Sterling's writing is actually a good lens in which to view the aforementioned Kasey's. Schismatrix, indeed:

"Smear the door with contract venom." (Sterling, "Twenty Evocations," 1984)

This is a very bloggy post by me, isn't it? Highly unusual!


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