a grouse with completely feathered feet


Homelessness is a kind of time travel--your life expectancy shunting back to the 18th century, at least, and dignity afforded upon you by those 21st century types has nothing to do with weregild--the bad kind. We're all in Carpentier's Lost Steps.

A reader (not of this blog!) from Oshkosh gives four stars to the prevention of time travel:

"My wife and I started watching Trading Places after discovering TLC to be a younger and hipper version of HGTV, which we still do like to watch Saturday nights. We had actually watched What Not to Wear and thought a channel with shows as way out as this might be worth watching. But then I saw her, the hostess of Trading Places, Paige Davis: the lithe long arms, dazzling smile mellowed by the shadow of a fleeting bemusement, the upward curl of the lips. And I knew I had seen a star, and wanted to know more. A web search confirmed what I had previously only intuited: Her star is fast rising. And a mighty wave is building build around her. Now is the time to ride that wave!"


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