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Anniversary Post

When I started this web-log in 1994, I had no idea that the Internet would be the vast sociopolitical that it is now. I had a mantle and I took. A reputation to live up to.


The only problem was the voice territory. How to talk about albums and listens that I never heard before? And also the days? And also a sadnesses. It required fortitude and being able to madigral years before text messaging menus to spouses' dogs. Sure, other people might call themselves blogonauts. Other people took that terrace incognita in stride and planted plants there, strode, sprouting, not only what they felt, but what feels them. Thus, on the 11th anniversary of Ptarmigan, I'd like to thank the important of you how read this, not including those without internet access, in shacks, corrugated or no, who just don't know why I'm changing your life.

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