a grouse with completely feathered feet


In real without borders news, Borders walks out on negotiations. Keep boycotting.

Homelessness is a kind of time travel--your life expectancy shunting back to the 18th century, at least, and dignity afforded upon you by those 21st century types has nothing to do with weregild--the bad kind. We're all in Carpentier's Lost Steps.

A reader (not of this blog!) from Oshkosh gives four stars to the prevention of time travel:

"My wife and I started watching Trading Places after discovering TLC to be a younger and hipper version of HGTV, which we still do like to watch Saturday nights. We had actually watched What Not to Wear and thought a channel with shows as way out as this might be worth watching. But then I saw her, the hostess of Trading Places, Paige Davis: the lithe long arms, dazzling smile mellowed by the shadow of a fleeting bemusement, the upward curl of the lips. And I knew I had seen a star, and wanted to know more. A web search confirmed what I had previously only intuited: Her star is fast rising. And a mighty wave is building build around her. Now is the time to ride that wave!"



Trading Spaces is popular, I think, because it tries to convince America that America consists of suburban Atlanta. In much the same way that 33% percent of Americans think they're in the top 5% of the income bracket.

The Renovation Show is a genre on speed, mutating even more quickly than Reality Television. Much like Reality, Renovation began in Europe. It has even spawned something of a meta-Renovation show (already), the utterly bizarre Mix It Up, which is about as strange as you can hope for in the uber-genre of Footage Television. (You don't know whether half of the characters are "real" or not.)

Anchoring the Renovation of America is Paige's empty, sad, Tara Reid eyes.


Sorry for the delays, I've been writing my pilot for Charlemagne in the City. I'm thinking of Lea Thompson in the lead role, what do you think?


"society today is built around entitlement. The automobile dealer has his franchise, the doctor and lawyer their professional licenses, the worker his union membership, contract, and pension rights, the executive his contract and stock options; all are devices to aid security and independence. Many of the most important of these entitlements now flow from government: subsidies to farmers and businessmen, routes for airlines and channels for television stations; long term contracts for defense, space, and education; social security pensions for individuals. Such sources of security, whether private or public, are no longer regarded as luxuries or gratuities; to the recipients they are essentials, fully deserved, and in no sense a form of charity. It is only the poor whose entitlements, although recognized by public policy, have not been effectively enforced." Reich, Individual Rights and Social Welfare: The Emerging Legal Issues." (1965)


Anniversary Post

When I started this web-log in 1994, I had no idea that the Internet would be the vast sociopolitical that it is now. I had a mantle and I took. A reputation to live up to.


The only problem was the voice territory. How to talk about albums and listens that I never heard before? And also the days? And also a sadnesses. It required fortitude and being able to madigral years before text messaging menus to spouses' dogs. Sure, other people might call themselves blogonauts. Other people took that terrace incognita in stride and planted plants there, strode, sprouting, not only what they felt, but what feels them. Thus, on the 11th anniversary of Ptarmigan, I'd like to thank the important of you how read this, not including those without internet access, in shacks, corrugated or no, who just don't know why I'm changing your life.

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I've been a zombie/shambling mound/gelatanious cube the last few days. We've been overhauling the hardwood floors in 2 rooms and a hallway of our house. Oscillating sander, mineral spirits, 3 coats of finish with sanding in between each. It might have been the fumes but at one low/high point of Sunday evening I was trying to integrate the word "polyurethane" into Christmas carols, while sanding. Not recommended. Our living room looks like the prop room for Beyond Thunderdome. Auto biography, and pilot, at this point--but I hope to reconvene my Constitution convention at some point in the near future.