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So I'm teaching myself TADS, the Text Adventure Development System. An object oriented programming language designed specifically for interactive fiction. One of the biggies. Why are you learning this, you might ask, besides the fact that you're bat shit crazy? Good question. It's not easy. No, especially for a brain as, er, nonlogical as mine. But, after completing two works of IF in ALAN (yes, that's its name), which is much easier (not being object oriented at all), I like some of the possibilities that a more robust langauge can give. E.g., making standalone games (e.g., an .exe for the PC)--nice ease of use for IF-novices. There's also ability to imbed HTML, sounds and graphics in the games, which can be very useful, though god knows I feel at least weeks away from figuring that out.

Plus, most importantly, there's the fact that, with a deeper syntax--there's greater opportunities to teeter on wrecking said syntax. OK, so I've already written a game in first person plural. It went pretty well for what it was worth. But hopefully that's the tip of the deepverb iceberg.

"It looks like an ordinary to me."


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