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In case you haven't heard, the Ann Arbor Borders is on strike.

This article in the Michigan Daily points to the wage and benefit deterioration:

When I started at Borders in 1991, the starting wage was $6 per hour with semi-annual raises (usually totaling 6 percent), quarterly profit-sharing checks (usually the equivalent of two weeks’ pay), 12 personal days and seven paid holidays a year, two weeks paid vacation and a good health benefits package. This compensation model encouraged people to stay and master the craft of bookselling; the company’s commitment to its employees helped Borders become one of the best and most profitable independent bookstores in the world.

In 2003, the starting wage is $6.50 per hour with one raise a year (usually about three percent), the number of personal days has dropped to nine and profit-sharing is but a distant memory. Workers routinely take a second (or third) job to make ends meet. I doubt executive compensation packages have suffered similar erosion. By way of comparison, Chief Executive Officer Greg Josephowicz makes approximately $586 per hour.

Well, at least this type of wage deterioration isn't happening in any other service industries. And at least our president isn't shifting the tax burden away from wealth onto work.

So, boycott Borders. I admit, since I live in the styx, Borders is the closest bookstore and I'd go there. But now, no thanks. This is a crucial instance of "artists without Borders". (maybe about 25-30% of my readers will get that?)


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