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Ariadne's Thread/Threat

"I had thought the writer must first have it all in his head and only then put it into words, but no. I began to see how it was really excitingly done: You wrote from what you didn't know to whatever could be picked up in the act." (Coolidge)
"If it is plausible that ideology will in general serve as a mask for self-interest, then it is a natural presumption that intellectuals, in interpreting history or formulating policy, will tend to adopt an elitist position, condemning popular movements and mass participation in decision-making, and emphasizing rather the necessity for supervision by those who possess the knowledge and understanding that is required (so they claim) to manage society and control social changeā€¦." (Chomsky)

(Quotes from Joe Ahearn's article "The Freedom Principle: First Notes Toward a Poetics of Liberation")


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