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I remember it was 1996-1997 there was a computer retail company, one of those online dot-com things, you remember those, and there was an ad they had on that new dot-commy MSNBC network (remember their bad, yet somehow endearing, early techie programming? Because it was new economy. Those were Soledad's finest hours). I forget the exact nature of that ad, something about shooting cheerleaders, maybe some dwarves, running over clowns, killing a marching band, something like that. Something "shocking." And I was, in fact, shocked. The last image on the screen were the words: "Send complaints to: [Name of company I can't remember].com". A cash sneer. I couldn't believe the nerve of that company, whatever it was, to pull such an unvarnished dastard on an unsuspecting public, who only wanted to watch Soledad, dammit.

Not sure who they were, still? Maybe this is the liquid money draining into the water basin of history, or something like that. Sometimes (but of course, not always), the best way to heal cruelty is to forget about it, in all meanings of that term.

That company I bet offered free backrubs to its employees circa 1998-1999!


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