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More and more, playing chess online, I'm seeing chess (or rather, having chess seep into me) as a form of metacognitive cybernetics. It's a cyberpunk frontline that goes deeper than Kasparov v. Deep Blue. At any given time on ICC, a decent number of opponents online are chess computers. Chess computers have their own tournaments. None of this, in of itself, is necessarily shocking. What has been happening more and more, from what I can garner, are the chess players becoming mechanical mammals: using chess software such as Fritz, grandmaster level software, dictates how games are analyzed and how players improve, creating hegemonical architectures for chess to fracture and slip inside of. With correspondence (postal) chess, when one is allowed to analyze the game during play, when does the computer take the lead in deciding where to move? Does impulse and free will become a cybersquatter to its own party?

This is the kind of sub-ject that poetry seems well suited for exploring. Stepping outside the field of pure tactics.

I'm trying to find a way to integrate dynamic (javascript?) chess boards in ye old chess poetry blog, so that people can interact with the different openings. I'm only a simulacrum of a techie, so I'm not able to kitbash one together myself. If anyone has any ideas, please email me.

I'm still searching for a lack of style.


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