a grouse with completely feathered feet


More poems from the palimpsest/Alex Pope exercise.

Garbs with Country Old Words of testament

Have made Ancients in their Sense! Amaze th'Fungoso

In the Sparks with Vanity displayed Yesterday!

All their troubles seemed so far away

With Wit’s Grandsires their trick or apple treat

In Words, Fantastick some, too New, or Old;

If Chrystal screams with pleasing Murmurs creep,

Innocence threaten’d the Couples fraught

With some unmeaning Thing they call a Thought,

A needle ends the Song as a crenulated Snake

Drags its slow length along languishingly slow

And praise the Easie Vigor of its Line of diamond slither

Where Eve's Strength and Adam's Sweetness join.

In connubial joy from Art, not Chance,

As those move easiest who have learn’d to dance,

They spin their sin around their web of trance.

The Sound must seem an Eccho high in heaven

While loud surges thrash on Eden's barren floor.

Elizabeth Weir

Rachel Harvieux

Sarah LR Conbere


Most true mettle
check his course
rules of old devis'd
she Methodiz'd
nature liberty
herself ordained
repress indulge
high on top
arduous paths they trod
afar aloft
equal steps to rise
precepts examples
fanned the poet's fire
taught admire
Muse's handmaid
dress her charms
make her more belov'd
intention stray'd
win the mistress
woo the maid
against the poets
sure to
hate pothecaryes
hate doctor's bills
hate doctor's parts
bold in th epractice
of mistaken rules
prescribe apply
call their master's fools
leaves prey
moths they
some soma
dryly plain
invention's aid
write dull poems
leave the sense
display behind
explain meaning quite away
judgement steer
each character
fable, subject, page
genius eyes
genius eyes
cavil never criticize
study delight
day night
muses peruses
the mantuan muse
young Maro in
his boundless Mind
outlast immortal
Rome design'd

Jules Nyquist & Char Baehr


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