a grouse with completely feathered feet


How They Took It

Purely for observing
Vortex abrasions
over the hill
making off with.
They was once
a word at
cross purposes to second that emoticon.
In that.
And also in other
means, who had time
when infanticide proved
How rocky.
The paladin
hunt's up, the self-serve
eating up a court with unbathed
fleas, and how.
Tennis invented.
A toast
to not starve.
Turn the Stations.
One stone
building per.
Write letters in
a head
for several years until giving
up for lack of
blogging quill
sheep to make a bookie.
Hence the problem,
though not
insurmountable with proprietary
skillz, e.g.,
thousands of low-carb.
The place.
The place where feeling
steals babies.
Coughing gulf blood,
this is attainment
chrism. A tain, a hailing.
A vortex, as
was said. A
Though not necessarily
wager. Enchanting
horse flies
turning manes hardly.
And yet unearned.
Depending on
food pyramid
poesy. The mineral
Matter in the prayer
trachea, a
veal seneschal
with an entry level crossbow.
So the big
deal is, grenadiers
the wildcat wheat that
small people
among young
shoots. Goofing up. Getting
it straight so
that sons will pasteurize
the troublesome.
Stay at
home and buyouts
will prevent threshing.
In the copper
canyons, where
graywolfs eat milkweed
smatter. Hallelujia.
As if in a
What to be made.
Yam armor to
sweet potato, potash to
soap bomb, ash to
Probity walking. Kobolds waking
under the marsh
duplexes, sharper.
The weather balloons loving
backwards through
time, large
as efficiences,
where the depot's four
leaf cleaner
lives. It is
cleaner. The druids drag.
The pig's eye trips
over crate and barrel,
wince mantras draping
everything in
her path. In that in
hence minor
ice ages, betrothed
to pieces of straw
soon after.
The childe's
head with black bowflex.
Thee. Slap
class against river
Because passage
invents passé,
acceptance of one's luxor armitage
bequeathing that,
that, and
that, and also that
young rhino
tied to the rock.
Waiting for the cardinal.
Gypsum grazed honey bunny.
Vorpal maize.
Has pluck,
that emissary, a
merits the family
glue business
kind of stare.
There is no ever arc.
No avert.
Midnight butter
scraped on
wonder bread.
Rusted from an inside
out wand,
the man in the
ghost turns.


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