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Unto the happier.

My good friend Barth (aka Prof. Produce) has interesting ruminations about writing and farming:

potlach economy had it right. the best economic system doesn't value loss and waste but, instead, adheres to the rules of bounty. anyone who gardens knows this to be true. come august, you wind up with so many tomatoes that you have to beg friends to take them off your hands, or watch them rot. every summer, there reaches a point, right around late july, when i don't have to buy fresh fruit anymore because my store has so much fruit ripening and sweetening on our shelves that we're overwhelmed by agriculture's overflow. i juice. i can. i freeze it. and, man, i don't take a tenth of what we throw away.

farmlands gush because that's what they do - and every summer is another food-tide. that's why farmers don't make money in this country. they're like artists. writers. we pay them nothing because we know they'll produce the goods no matter what. ultimately, we don't value either writers or farmers because what they produce is waste, by capitalism's standards.

Bounty it up. Err with excess and giving-aways.


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