a grouse with completely feathered feet


Listen! Tactically, it would be opportune to embrace failures. But what kinds of failures? It depends on who's reeding. For a long time I have been afraid to mis-make the wrong kinds of failures, to disguise them as successes and "greats!" It comes down to "street cred" (a night without armor indeed) amongst people rapidly leaving the party. It's two AM and the Merovingians are on their way, and if you stay you're going to have to clean up the mess you didn't make. When was the last time a lion roamed Europe?

It's that I see failure all around me that I like to think it is mimetic in some way. I'm not sure what I'm imitating. For all intents and purposes, maybe it's moving away from "it would be opportune" in the first place. Maybe it would be highly inopportune to succeed. Or tune. What success? In the way that a Roman edifice will outlive others? Or that it can't outlive quantum dissolution x million years from now? Then other thoughts follow.


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