a grouse with completely feathered feet


I had students pair up for this poetry exercise. It turned out extremely well, I think--everyone had novel solutions to work against the grain of the couplets (this isn't anti-Pope, btw. Pope rocks. Pope would be, to paraphrase Atmosphere, bigger than guns and cigarettes if he were alive today). Here is a poem by one of the pairs:

Then build a New, or act it in a Plain.
offend in Arts
by a Love to Parts
One glaring carmine Chaos and wild Pile
of wit;   spit   deposit
Poets like Painters; the naked
Nature and the Living Grace,
        Some thing
whose Lies convinc'd at Sight we find
That gives us back
the Image
of our Mind: As bodies materialize through
                Excess of Blood.
Words are like Alexander Pope;
False Eloquence,
and still

--Leslie Matton-Flynn and Kathy Peterson


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