a grouse with completely feathered feet


At Open Book milling around waiting to teach my poetry class, saw denziens of Typecon milling around as well! Then they loaded onto a yellow schoolbus to go back downtown! How I wanted to get on that bus with them (this isn't irony btw!). Writing predicates much of its secrets with typography. Good typography readily alters the reader's perceptions, can create little moods with little hairline changes in the shapes of words. This is grammarmancy in the most subtle (but because of that most true) sense.

Con culture can nurture...I don't know if I'd be the same person, much less the same writer if there wasn't Wiscon (yes, switching gears again, yes, the two principalities of poetry and speculative fiction are in increasingly less uneasy congress and antiplatonicks). Which involves a lot of talking to people whose company you enjoy in hotel lobbies, coupled with talking to other people (or the same) in hotel suites at 3am after bourbon and branch or what have you. Oh, that's the other thing--talking shop! Every little convening has its own shops about which to talk about. And in this case, no doubt ideological battles about serifs. I could think of no cooler thing in the world, so get on the bus!


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