a grouse with completely feathered feet


Suspect Terrain

So at the moa this weekend, grand closing of the fao schwartz, everything went, went, went. Boxes of toys and crap scattered everywhere. Cordoned off swaths, police tape, we were actually scared. The best part though was the GIANT TREE still chipper as ever: "Hi! Welcome to our world of toys! You be sure to enjoy yourself!" GIANT TREE said this over and over again. The echoes were louder because of the empty space. GIANT CLOCK also said some shit, I can't remember what. But it was said regularly too.

Evening put her hand inside the clock's mouth. Came back resinous.

GIANT TREE and GIANT CLOCK are, in fact, go-team ideologues--no understanding of nuances, e.g., your store is closing, and no one knows what will happen to you when it is gone--and I expect them to receive sub-cabinet positions any day now.


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