a grouse with completely feathered feet


(1) opportunities for strategic changes.

(2) Oh, but

too much. the very act of writing is not a privilidge but a gift (and there are crucial differences between the two), that the only

(2.5) This with composure.


(3) The sunlight is being dismantled by clouds like an assault weapons ban.


Enter the dark dark dark realm of My Little Pony (that's MLP for you mundanes) fanfic:

Surprise dug around her box of surprises one morning. Magic Star and Apple Jack were helping her.

Long story. (Literally. Hopefully.)


Also this minute is getting better by the minute!

Dear Dairy,

Also good! Whee in the sky keeps on turning!


This year I had the best day today! Even problems turned out to be asset training! This morning I found a penny! Only it was the rarest penny in the whole world! Because it came from Easter Island! I didn't even know they had pennies! It said: "You will have the best day today!" And you know what it was right! And this I will tell you about! Because, tactically speaking, it makes me feel better! And furthers what needs to be furthered!

Actually this is pretty funny!


Suspect Terrain

So at the moa this weekend, grand closing of the fao schwartz, everything went, went, went. Boxes of toys and crap scattered everywhere. Cordoned off swaths, police tape, we were actually scared. The best part though was the GIANT TREE still chipper as ever: "Hi! Welcome to our world of toys! You be sure to enjoy yourself!" GIANT TREE said this over and over again. The echoes were louder because of the empty space. GIANT CLOCK also said some shit, I can't remember what. But it was said regularly too.

Evening put her hand inside the clock's mouth. Came back resinous.

GIANT TREE and GIANT CLOCK are, in fact, go-team ideologues--no understanding of nuances, e.g., your store is closing, and no one knows what will happen to you when it is gone--and I expect them to receive sub-cabinet positions any day now.


At last!!!:

"Comic #5 is usually the first comic to strike the reader as brilliant. At the very least, it is usually the first comic to make him/her laugh out loud.

"The first joke that people notice is that when Pokey suggests that he and his friend fly across the river, the next panel shows them in an airplane. Penguins are birds, and birds are associated with flying. However, penguins cannot fly. Pokey’ suggestion of flying is already somewhat ridiculous, but when he appears on an airplane, his idea makes sense. Nevertheless, because of the penguin-bird-flight connection, the audience does not expect him to use a plane. This joke plays around with the reader’s expectations concerning penguins and flight.

"But a problem arises in the last panel: King George’s throne room looks exactly like the interior of the plane. Was that truly a plane? Is King George on the plane? If they were not on a plane, how did the penguins fly across the river? If they are still on the plane, why are there a throne room and king? Any way you interpret the succession of panels, it is partially sensible, and partly unexplained.

"The kicker, and the most typically Pokey-esque joke in the comic, is King George’s comment. Pokey meets a random penguin, and the penguin later surprises Pokey with a birthday cake (inside either an airplane or the abandoned castle). In the climax of the tale, Pokey and his friend meet King George, a mysterious ruler who has not been introduced or explained (in fact, the castle was supposed to be abandoned). The penguins recognize King George, and his comment shows that he is aware of Pokey’s birthday. The stupidity of his comment is astounding. "I hope your birthday is full of surprises," is an awkward, fortune-cookie-like phrase, which makes little sense after Pokey has already been surprised by a cake and a king in an abandoned castle (or airplane). King George’s surprise appearance seems to imply some amount of importance or profundity, but he only offers a ridiculous, almost meaningless birthday wish. It is not even clear that the phrase is a beneficent greeting. The placement of King George’s absurd phrase in the climactic/punchline position (the last panel) puts additional emphasis on the royal utterance. "I hope your birthday is full of surprises" almost fits; after all, it is Pokey’s birthday, and it has been full of surprises. But upon a moment’s reflection, the statement (and the king himself) is ludicrously out of place."


"If you have an existing interest in Ottoman Yemen or the relations btween Yemen and the West during the coffee trade boom, or just in the mystery of Mocha, you must get this book."

PS. Don't answer that!

For the melancholy is too great to bear.

Now that the Lords of the Rhymes have hit it big...

How many years do we have to wait until Shannara Hip Hop unleashes upon the world?

Then those fuckheads from the Belgariad to lay down some tracks...


Imaginary Albums

Leaders of the New School

Right--A Future Without a Past, 1991. Check. T.I.M.E., 1993. Double check. But wait, when did Busta leave the Leaders? Was it 2000? When the anarchy come a year minus one? Don't forget the Leaders' classic taken from that, the uh, the name of that Delany novel. 1996, I think.

btw, someone please explain how these lyrics made the top ten:

How dare you ever try to step on my suede shoes
Top Gun shut down your Firm like Tom Cruise
Please let me get down and blow a fuse
Actin' fool breakin' shit down to molecules
Yo let me hit you with my ill street blues
Busta Rhymez always headlines the street news
Woo-Hah!!! Yo baby girl don't be confused
Sail my seven seas and enjoy my boat cruise
I know you really want to know who's
comin' through leaving bloodstains and residues
Sorry homeboy but your flow sounds used
Gotta pay your dues baby you know the rules
Whenever I travel the world I landcruise
If you choose to fuck around you get bruised
Now I got you gassed on super unleaded fuels
Get me through give me some space you excuse

Anyone? Top Ten? Maybe we are in the alternate.


If I have to see Vincent D'Onofrio "act" one more time I'm going to go "criminal intent" on the twitch smarm fucker hobo.



On the other hand, if I take every poem out of the hand and make a paper airplane, then everyone would be slightly less more happy than before! Because it doesn't DO anything, see. When it's good to get back, you know it takes a few days to talk about getting back. To where you once belong.


Just bought the new DVD with the complete episodes of the three failed ex-Seinfeld sitcomes! Bob Patterson, The Michael Richards show and Watching, um,