a grouse with completely feathered feet



The distances were too long. I was working on a screed about the new Lizzie Macguire movie, about why the Rank Strangers, The Most Underrated Band in the Known World, doesn't have a website, on chess and writing. The difference of tactical vs. strategic mindset, and why I just love the Bishop's Opening. Maybe a little too much. But all the worlds tumbled upon each other and I found hard to coherent things together. Other works, other peppers consuming me. I'm here, and I'll try to be here -- fuck, it's sunny outside -- as long as you, dear reader, will be too. I'm sure it will be a good run.


On Chess and Writing 1: Tactics


'The Tyranny of Structurelessness' by Jo Freeman


#1 in pagerank: tiniest Yorkshire terriers

Hope that sweetens your sugar.

Reading a lot about 1838 Missouri civil war, then Navoou.