a grouse with completely feathered feet


Sleepy. Finished "Ogres" right under the gun, 2am! Dump truck with shiny bits careening down a hillside, etc. But I finished. Wondering about the suburbs lately, as in, curious that I live in one. Maybe a little quixotic. The household doesn't mind terribly much, but there are days when it would be swell to live closer to Pig's Eye. It's not every day that a city was named after a one-eyed moonshiner. But naturally -- blackrobes did NOT approve, and so they went, to use sporty terminology, the safe draft pick. That guy was blinded too, butterfingers falling off a horse! But of course he recovered and xianity started rising the chart with a bullet. Heatseeker! Sometimes I think that Pig's Eye didn't die but still can be seen from the corner of the eye when you're not expecting it. So how's that for clarity?


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