a grouse with completely feathered feet


Poling from one skerry to another. Working on "Ogres" for this (link on left). Editing for rural social work. Champing at the bit. No it's not chomping. Already the trees outside are blossoming like SARS, verdant spread everywhere. Plagues have historically been caused by the displacement of toxic but isolated bacteria and viruses into areas of human habitation. E.g., the bubonic plague came through civilization, many suppose, because of an earthquake in Siberia -- shaking up the disease borne rats/fleas to move to villages. Who spread news of the death with black tulips already spry out of their necks. Amulets, cloths scented with rosemary and hyssop tied around the face tended to not, repeat not, help matters. Sometimes helpful, but not really, were quarantines, e.g., walling up with masonry the houses of those infected. CLEAN DRINKING WATER, though. Amazing what it can do, such as not killing you and all. The whitehouse is well aware of this in Iraq, I'm positive! The bibles they are to hand out in Mosul are actually water bottles in disguise. Those bibles make excellent coolers!

Prairie dogs still carry the plague.

I mean, it's really green outside.


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