a grouse with completely feathered feet


Runes have a long history in these parts, particularly in the early development of the Minnesota School of Poetics (1362-present). The impact of permanence--the carve, the angular harshness--delineates a 1:1 relationship with word:world. Carving provides sanctity, and therefore every bird is one bird, and facilitates workshops in the energy psychotherapies, works as a mentor for Lake Superior Writers, and frequently teaches poetry in both academic and community settings. She lives on the West Two River with her husband, three geriatric cats and a 3-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback brings forth this carefully observed world with a precise and almost electrical fragrance.

Put Hypergolem on the spoor for a FAQ for the Minnesota School of Poetics: customs, foibles, contingencies. A relevatory or two fetched, perhaps.

btw Evening and Quail are getting restless. The introduction of a cast of characters assumes continual development and sustainment of quips. So as to better explicate. Oh, those two think they want none of this; they cluck and guffaw. But they can't resist the inexorable pull to mineralize. We all would, alone or no. Upon whomever's screen.


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