a grouse with completely feathered feet


The ordinary is hard work.

Went to see the English Cider House Hours in Love today. SEVENTY STARS! Those actors can act emotive. I wish I was a member of the academy so I could nominate Shakespeare in Gladiator Chicago yesterday. Why don't they streamline that process so the "blockbusters" are much more like going to Blockbuster?!? Then everyone could get swag from the charitable film companies, just like the Stars do. Of course not everyone could get a thousand dollar watch and five hundred gift arrear to a day spa like Julianne Kidman Cunningham would probably get (don't get me wrong! 4-figure swag is wholly deserved for emoters like those actors!). Some people would probably have to get keychains. As long as those keychains glitter like Miramax's hair, I'm on board.

Why don't stars create minerals?


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