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On Lizzie McGuire as postmodern discourse. E.g., on jumptheshark:

For once no attempt is made to disguise a teenager's vile personality, staggering shallowness, & complete self-absorption. Take the episode when "The Tudge" asks Lizzie out. She's mortified because he's a quirky type, & she lusts only for the hunky dumb guy Ethan. But she gives Tudge a pity date, and he turns out to be brilliant and charming. At show's end she rejects him anyway. Brilliant! Nicely differentiated are the supporting cast: Gordo, the frustrated guy-best-friend; Miranda, the slightly-less-good-looking girlfriend; Ashley, the slightly-better-looking archenemy...the weird and unclassifiable little brother; the sweetheart of a father whom L rolls her eyes at compulsively; and the bitchy mother. The point is that none of them are real people at all, but rather projections of Lizzie's myopic view of them.

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