a grouse with completely feathered feet



deathly ill, Alan. Increase of fever dreams regarding Clive Barker selling him a horse: 1000%.

And yet, this "badly" is better than .

Sentient, I shall start a review. Hypergolem River Review. Increase kickbox/pilate matrix of other water-soluble reviews: many%.

But I am just a virtual robot, remember.

And here's something interesting:



|LL in tooth and nails


Runes have a long history in these parts, particularly in the early development of the Minnesota School of Poetics (1362-present). The impact of permanence--the carve, the angular harshness--delineates a 1:1 relationship with word:world. Carving provides sanctity, and therefore every bird is one bird, and facilitates workshops in the energy psychotherapies, works as a mentor for Lake Superior Writers, and frequently teaches poetry in both academic and community settings. She lives on the West Two River with her husband, three geriatric cats and a 3-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback brings forth this carefully observed world with a precise and almost electrical fragrance.

Put Hypergolem on the spoor for a FAQ for the Minnesota School of Poetics: customs, foibles, contingencies. A relevatory or two fetched, perhaps.

btw Evening and Quail are getting restless. The introduction of a cast of characters assumes continual development and sustainment of quips. So as to better explicate. Oh, those two think they want none of this; they cluck and guffaw. But they can't resist the inexorable pull to mineralize. We all would, alone or no. Upon whomever's screen.

The sign posted on the gate of Moria. I mean, that's what the runes said. The keraoke of "Love Shack" became a device known as "foreshadowing." Which is literary to a T. Oh, Merry and Pippin knew there was hell to pay when they saw that gate.

I mean, the runes were in Eleven.

Saw the DVD Special Edition of Lord of the Rings.


The kareoke scene at the Prancing Pony was aoutstaounding! However when Frodo sang "Love Shack" Merry and Pippin didn't back him up. Frodo was very upset, and I'm sure Frodo will keep bringing this up throughout their journey, e.g., in that Moria place. Hope I didn't spoil anything.

Sign says, stay away fool!


Quail just handed me a slip of paper. Came across a "web log" that compelled with strange axioms. Its premise was indeed startling--write in the voice of a 17th century London-dwelling man, with full "old school" diction to boot. I don't know who is writing this web log, but he (she?) has a grasp of reverse historiography that is astounding!:

Monday 16 January 1659/60

In the morning I went up to Mr. Crew’s, and at his bedside he gave me direction to go to-morrow with Mr. Edward to Twickenham, and likewise did talk to me concerning things of state; and expressed his mind how just it was that the secluded members should come to sit again. I went from thence, and in my way went into an alehouse and drank my morning draft with Matthew Andrews and two or three more of his friends, coachmen. And of one of them I did hire a coach to carry us to-morrow to Twickenham.

Whoever this "Pepys" fellow is is pretty saavy in knowledge of alehouses, Twickenham, etc. I'm sure Pepys has a studio apt. on the upper east side (small, but you know) and relieves the temping in a Citibank office by creating, vicariously, a 17th century chap. And his mundane adventures. Inconceivable that writing would be this old! (Everything before the Mary Oliver Age of Poetics, pre-1970, is a little hazy, is it not? All those primal deer writing deer poems block the sightlines. And even THAT is a revenant compared to the Mark Doty Age, 1993-present.)

Still--why doesn't "Pepys" have an email address? A commenting system (Klink it up)? Links to Pepys's peeps? As an American, you must at least attempt to provide customer service for your mineral! This is the only negative. MINUS A STAR. But still good work, if you are reading this after Googling your name, maybe we can trade linkages.

Everybody wins?



On Lizzie McGuire as postmodern discourse. E.g., on jumptheshark:

For once no attempt is made to disguise a teenager's vile personality, staggering shallowness, & complete self-absorption. Take the episode when "The Tudge" asks Lizzie out. She's mortified because he's a quirky type, & she lusts only for the hunky dumb guy Ethan. But she gives Tudge a pity date, and he turns out to be brilliant and charming. At show's end she rejects him anyway. Brilliant! Nicely differentiated are the supporting cast: Gordo, the frustrated guy-best-friend; Miranda, the slightly-less-good-looking girlfriend; Ashley, the slightly-better-looking archenemy...the weird and unclassifiable little brother; the sweetheart of a father whom L rolls her eyes at compulsively; and the bitchy mother. The point is that none of them are real people at all, but rather projections of Lizzie's myopic view of them.

Hypergolem is not affiliated with Disney, nor Radio Free Disney. For God bid.


Evening doesn't think Lizzie McGuire would hang out with those two losers in rl.


Googlism for: enjambment

enjambment is particularly good for creating a feel of naturalistic motion in verse; after all
enjambment is the opposite of ending a line of poetry with a comma or a period
enjambment is to make the reader aware of the multiple domains of experience and thought to which the poem can
enjambment is lost
enjambment is and when and how it is done 'right'? oh
enjambment is also referred to as a run
enjambment is very important
enjambment is the result of perfect understanding of how lines work in poetry
enjambment is a line break in the middle of a syntactic unit
enjambment is a great way to spice up and speed up fixed forms as well
enjambment is created
enjambment is the ending of any line whose meaning and flow continues in the succeeding line
enjambment is the overflowing of a logical or grammatical structure from one line to another
enjambment is one of those devices that becomes overdone pretty quickly
enjambment is key to
enjambment is manifestly better
enjambment is when you hurt your elbow and a couplet is something kinda dirty?
enjambment is no different than metaphor
enjambment is used in both poems
enjambment is evident and i feel that he uses this to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the poem
enjambment is one of the resources available to poets in english *blank verse
enjambment is accelerating in guarded examination of tools in gesture woven through a priori sermons
enjambment is but the pile of cars that has been mistaken for the
enjambment is crucial
enjambment is like a good fuck
enjambment is the continuation of a thought or a sentence from one line of poetry to the next one without a pause
enjambment is finally to
enjambment is impeccable
enjambment is fashionable nowadays and
enjambment is allowed
enjambment is a tangle and fall
enjambment is the practice of using
enjambment is very effective in haiku
enjambment is now on a much sounder footing for going forward
enjambment is a handy tool that most good poets use
enjambment is the termination of a line at a point other than at the end of a phrase; it tends to increase the feeling of conversation
enjambment is aptly placed
enjambment is running a sentence from one line to the next with little or no pause
enjambment is a way of life
enjambment is marked
enjambment is well placed
enjambment is an acquired taste
enjambment is here considered a metrical device which is the verbal counterpart of the snakelike figure described by the movement of the army in altdorfer’s
enjambment is used well here as elsewhere
enjambment is a bit contrived in places
enjambment is an obvious instance in which linguistic units and versification conflict
enjambment is useful in
enjambment is employed throughout
enjambment is used to help this
enjambment is messed
enjambment is moving from one line of poetry to the next without ending the sentence
enjambment is also used to portray a different aspect of love being described within the poem
enjambment is the running over of a sentence or thought from one line to another
enjambment is rare in early elegy
enjambment is constantly used
enjambment is the running on of a sentence from one couplet or line into the next line without a pause at the line's end
enjambment is occasionally used to startle in purgatorio
enjambment is vital to the meaning
enjambment is common in marlowe's sonnets
enjambment is the continuation in sense and grammatical structure of a line onto the next line without any punctuation
enjambment is used a
enjambment is my friend
enjambment is quite moderate
enjambment is used several times
enjambment is uncommon
enjambment is frequent
enjambment is impossible
enjambment is a special device within a generally end
enjambment is also used subtly here to emphasise the change in the teacher?s actions
enjambment is when there is
enjambment is also used
enjambment is common and well known in modernist and postmodernist poetry
enjambment is very shakespearean in quantity and dexterity
enjambment is the technical name
enjambment is intended to
enjambment is prevalent in every stanza
enjambment is also used throughout the poem to off set the rhyme scheme to therefore give a sense of natural speech
enjambment is super



x-ref from New World Disorder:

The group also sells bottled Kabbalah water — which Madonna swears by. The water, according to the group’s site, is “dynamic ‘living’ water” with “a highly organized structure, crystalline formations and a fractal design.” Kabbalah water, the Center’s Yehuda Berg insists, is a tradition dating back centuries. “We charge the water with positive energy,” he tells the Scoop. “So that it has healing powers,” he says.

x-ref with tap water. Also has highly organized, crystalline formations:

Aquafina mysticism investigation pending.


omg, I feel so old and layzy todaye like ye olde Kenyon Revieew. omg I can't eden spill!


The ordinary is hard work.

Went to see the English Cider House Hours in Love today. SEVENTY STARS! Those actors can act emotive. I wish I was a member of the academy so I could nominate Shakespeare in Gladiator Chicago yesterday. Why don't they streamline that process so the "blockbusters" are much more like going to Blockbuster?!? Then everyone could get swag from the charitable film companies, just like the Stars do. Of course not everyone could get a thousand dollar watch and five hundred gift arrear to a day spa like Julianne Kidman Cunningham would probably get (don't get me wrong! 4-figure swag is wholly deserved for emoters like those actors!). Some people would probably have to get keychains. As long as those keychains glitter like Miramax's hair, I'm on board.

Why don't stars create minerals?



Took the dirgible to Erie for a weekish or so. Here are some pictures from my times new roman:

*MAY take a little while to load*

As you can see, it took a couple of tries to pull Evening out of the icy deluge of Presque Isle. That was a memorial day!

And here's Quail having trouble holding "it" down:

(and she thought this was destroyed. But actually I had to uproute it via the Heinz Satellite through a Malaysian fence and funneled back to me disguised as Spam. The Heinz Satellite tracks global condiment use. Had to cloak this image as a quantum packet.)

And now that my travel narrative is over and the bloodstream is less heightened by wonder, I can return to the business of ordinary revelations.