a grouse with completely feathered feet


It's been a Joey Bishop kind of day. Always my favorite.

OMG, did you see that Microsoft butterfly in that commercial advertisement for MSN? The one where he's knocking shit over! Going around the city, turning off radios, overturning card games, so those from the gated communities will NOT HAVE TO BE SUBJECTED to city life while walking through the city! OMG, I don't know why famous British writer George Orwell didn't think about that! And then he could have named it after that David Bowie song "1984"! (Diamond Dogs.) And written it just like that Macintosh commercial!

I wander what the attack butterfly would do to this mineral.

On that note, I told Evening about this.

Here we go.

Evening has visualized what she would do if that Microsoft butterfly tried to go "parental control" on her content (not that she has a content, or is content, but she is still livid!). When Microsoft butterfly would come a-knocking, Evening would come, as they say, a-rocking. When the Microsoft butterfly attempts to shut off HER music because parental control auras need to be established, Evening will (a) sweep his legs with a quarterstaff, (b) remove glasses for visualization removal, and then (c) Quail will leap out of the alleyway and start singing Lita Ford in Microsoft butterfly's face. Because THAT music is OFFENSIVE!

Microsoft butterfly, if you're reading this, my posse is onto you. If you would have gone back in time--what?--would you have prevented Allen Ginsberg from reading "Howl"? Put a monkey wrench in the printing press that was formulating Tropic of Cancer?

So you think I forgot about...them.


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