a grouse with completely feathered feet


Must apologize for Hypergolem's recent personality tinctures. Getting out of hand. It's beginning to develop a narrative "voice." The only way to prove the steadiness of the human heart is to demote a machine. Narrative voices cannot be constructs. We must all dwell in the realm of the really real. Because the words on the page provide a direct conduit to what is called the "soul." Narrativity is never a mask. I'm being sincere. I am. I do not own visine. I can say "I" over and over again because words are inherently severe and sincere, and every other inflection is a pure perversion of the Truth. Wilford Brimley is the antichrist but also a Walgreen's. No one, least of all hypergolem, can ever tell me that the truth is not the truth. That we all move in concentricity around each other, circling. Sincerity is all we have left.

It is my gift. You've


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