a grouse with completely feathered feet



10 Favorite Pokey's

Chicago-style: "Administrate Chicago-style for plus results"

Sherlock Pokes: "Write down in my victory notebook: Another victory!"

What You Can Find in a Book: "I am reading a book about amortization"

Def Leppard Saves: "It is this jar of peanuts!"

Smashing Chapeau: "As slick as the cardboard skivvie"

Pokey and Yekop: "First I will buy some genuine snake oil from your chum!!!"

Adieu, Debussy: "I hear talking but I do not see dancing!"

Mr. Nutty Warmth Sheathes: "It even comes with side-mounted cooling vents!!!!"

Mr. Nutty: "Standard or chemin-de-fer?"

Acute Boogiemania: "Yes! Acute boogiemania is highly contagious!"

The order is not particular.

End Hypergolem.


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