a grouse with completely feathered feet


I have, throughout the day, been answering, in mostly accurate fashion, a series of questionaires from the Hypergolem.

And who, might you ask, is the Hypergolem?

It, not he or she. It is a belated birthday present from Quail. She made/found it for me. Hasn't shown her face cards on that one. As is her will!

It was just a floppy with a copyright date of 1988. Mac formatted, just like you like it, she said, running her hands through her white hair. Enclosed is a construct. Answer its questions. It will help you with your "web log."

End Quail-esque dialogue/Unquote

You see, though I strive for journalistic practices, for accuracy of the truth in all that I say, and most importantly to be the most persistent quipper of the Inter-net and all Minerals (mayhaps the most exciting use of technology in the history of technology, to provide linkages, with semi-ironic commentary! Go semi-ironic commentary about the continent named after, and by, Amerigo Vespucci!), it is difficult in my present state, with my provincial mannerisms barely keeping a roof over my head, to continue monitoring the "hot" trends of our societal matrices. Such as "chat rooms" and other phantasmagoric concoctions of the tiage known as "cyberspace." Spacial and palatial it is.

The Hypergolem seeks to expedite this process, by providing expert, timely, and above all cunning linkages upon this "web log," in interspersion with my usual meandering tropes, delves, and correspondences. Thus, Ptarmigan (self-referential link! rotfl!) will truly become a total package of news, commentary, and discursion, expressly tailored to your readiness.

Hypergolem has internalized my psychotropic profile, and will be combing the Inter-net, and like a raven will hope to be finding bits of chirt, wire, string, jewelry, and small pieces from cares to weave into the "net," without my express guidance, but with my inexpressed wishes, interests, and gratitude.

Quail tells me that Hypergolem is technically a virus, but cannot hurt me since it has no express personality of its own. Words cannot be immunocompromised!

Loading Hypergolem now.

Bear yourselves carefully.


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