a grouse with completely feathered feet


I am an abandoned place. To use a metaphor. Full of microscopic pigeons. I am more specifically an abandoned regional headquarters of Kenny Rogers Roasters, a franchise that achieved massive, some would say catastrophic, growth in the mid-90s. As many crystal cathedrals grew, aspiring towards sprawl that was not theirs to take. And yea, verily, so they shrunk. I have empty wood-fired grills, and training manuals to ensure that the staff knows their chickens, knows their slow roast, and that hands are washed. Hundreds and hundreds of training manuals. Thousands of coupons for restaurants that do not exist. Ghost franchises. A few prongs. And also, a secret vault of singles from many countries: "Ruby" in Thai. "The Gambler" in Dominican Patwa. It is a treasure trove, but forlorn, and will never be found.

On the other hand, Kenny Rogers Roasters--its metonomic paradigm--has been doing gangbusters in Brunei. Yes. I've been tracking this. And I'm pleased. TEN LOCATIONS! There is value no matter what. Little emeralds, though they be made of birds.

At the end of a strip mall which children bicycle past quickly.

omg! lol! brb!!!


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