a grouse with completely feathered feet


Although something might be faraway but at the same time distant, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be loved. The linkages are nothing that we can see. And yet we "see" both the problem and the solution, the cataract and the laser pointer. (Evening tells me that I'm an optimist. Actually, I'm an anti-pessimist.) The need for a descriptive poetics of the everyday, one must think, requires the need to ascribe needs on a word-paper (pixel-screen) matrix. But nothing could be farther from the truth. I am sincere. I am.

Godzilla is my godmother. See? It's so easy to fuck everything up, but only if one admits that the catalog of falsities is important in the first place. That we have to read the catalog of despairs with a straight face. That in the pursuit of genius grants, the need for truth over falsity is more important than

[This continues, and so I'll cut to the chase. Foxes await. Cut this out or seem self-important, insert quotes about the moral decrepitude of Language Poetry, lack of interfaces, etc. etc. Put in oblique quip about catalogs. OK, here we go]

Catalogs like to run things, e.g., large nation-states.



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